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Peer Support “focuses on health and recovery rather than illness and disability”

- Mental Health Commission of Canada, 2013, page 7.

Testimonial for Peer Support from a Nurse

Biweekly Support Circles for Nurses

N2NPS peer circles are facilitated by nurse peer facilitators. 

Peer Support Circles are:


Trauma Informed





Accessible Online

Whether you have something to share or not, this safe space is one for nurses to discuss what is on their heart and mind. We are in it together and believe that peer support can engage us on the path to wellness and recovery.

Two Friends

One to One Support

If you aren't sure about peer support, or don't feel comfortable attending our Bi-weekly Peer Support Circle yet,

we are here to support you with a case by case informed peer support. 

Email us at for more details.

If this is an emergency or if you are in crisis, contact your local crisis line for immediate support

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Private peer support circles can be arranged for a fee. The designated attendees will be provided access to a unique closed peer support service to ensure group continuity. 

Closed Circles are great resource to provide employees, such as health care managers, union representatives, etc.


Email N2NPS for further details.



N2NPS can provide an entire program to support health care staff in their environment for a fee. N2NPS will conduct a needs assessment with health care providers to determine how to best provide support. N2NPS will then customize a Peer 2 Peer Wellness Program to increase mental health literacy, understanding and provide techniques to increase mental health resilience. 

Contact N2NPS for details

Thank you for inviting me to the biweekly N2N peer circle. Kudos to the founders for initiating a way of supporting each other. The session on self compassion was great. The facilitators made the circle safe, gentle, and compassionate allowing participants to feel free to be and to generously share from our hearts

- Nurse Peer

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